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I'm posting here because I'm starting to post in communities more often, and I'm "embarrassed" that my journal looks the way it does. I logged in today to try and fix it, and realized that the problem is, since my paid account expired (who knows how long ago) I've changed ummmm....servers? (I'm techie, but not that techie) and now all of my web "stuff" is hosted somewhere else. Hence all the broken links and no background.

Anyhoo...if you wander to this page because you were bored and clicked on my head in a community, and you are actually interested in reading some sort of blog - I keep a semi-updated version on MySpace.

You'll notice that the URL has underscores on either side of nalakat - MySpace is one of the few places in the online world where someone beat me to it! >:o

So yeah - here is my official apology for the state of this site...because I know you care :-p Thanks for visiting!

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I heard somewhere - probably some really reliable source, like the "news", that adults have trouble remembering when things happened not because they're older and have so much history behind them, but because they can't separate one day from the next - because so many adults have very routine lives.

The solution "they" say - is to jot down something every day that makes that day stand out. Anything from "I ran into Shaye on my lunch break" to "I saw lots of police cars on the road today" (and yes, both of things happened today. They don't have to be MAJOR things!)

So....I probably won't be very good at that - plus I risk loosing like all three people on my friends list if I started rambling nonsense EVERY day....but a little now and then can't hurt.

Today on my lunch break, in addition to running into Shaye - I realized that I didn't have a second day off scheduled this week. I had THOUGHT that I had Thursday off, but since it's customer rewards night - I'm not only working....but I'm working a split shift. So I left work after my lunch/chat with Shaye. Which, I called my parents - all excited about leaving work "early" .....early being....3:45...which is 7 hours and 45 minutes since I come in at 7. Since I usually leave at 6 or 7 at night though - it felt extremely early.

I took advantage of all this "extra time" and dropped off dry cleaning, which I've been meaning to do for a week (the clothes have been in my car that long). It's just so hard to get there before they close! ( dry cleaner closes at 7PM) Then I slept until I had to be at the gym. I'm really upset about my dance instructor at the gym being more or less fired....but that's a story for a different day.

How is my winter plan going you ask? Not good....
I've been semi successful at taking water to work, it happens about 1/3 of the time. The taking food or going home for lunch is not going well. I came home a couple of times, which I really like doing, but then I lose my parking spot! I already park on level "K"....coming back and having to park on level "M" was not happy. I'm just really not capable of getting ready the night before...but I'm working on it.

It's December, and that means your wait for the newest line of home videos by Zachary Maxwell Productions is almost over.....

Videos will be uploaded at 6PM EST - please join in on the fun :-)

Survival this winter

So I've decided that the goals this winter are to "make lots of money" and "stay fit"

I have also pinpointed what will help me acheive these goals:
*Drinking lots of water (meaning I NEED to take a water bottle to work every day - and actually fill it)
*Getting lots of sleep
*Taking my work out stuff with me to work in case I need to work late and need to go straight to the gym (meaning I need to have portable food that will fuel a work out in a pinch)
*I NEED to either make my lunch or come home for lunch
*I need to plan the night before to make sure everything is ready to go for the next day

[Side Note: During the Anniversary Sale I didn't go the gym at all. I almost thought that would happen during the holidays, but I decided a couple of weeks ago that I need to keep my appointments at the gym to insure that I LEAVE work by 6 at night at least a couple of days a week. (You would THINK that it wouldn't be that difficult...considering that by Thanksgiving I'll be going in to work by 6:30AM.)]

This will all start on Tuesday.....because it's almost 2AM, and I have so many errands to run during lunch tomorrow that I won't be able to come home, and I won't have enough time in the morning to make lunch.
Right now I need to make many, many lists, to make sure that I'll be ready come Tuesday. Between now and the new year every day will be carefully outlined ;-)


Without going in to a ton of details - let's just say that we are FINALLY correctly connected to our internet. Wireless router and everything - no more crappy connection! I can be in my room with no fear of dropping the signal.
Sweet, sweet internet!

There's Nothing In My Car!!

I'm guessing whoever broke into my car on Friday was pissed that there was absolutely nothing to steal.

I did like how they opened the glove compartment
[ empty sunglass case and an owners manual for the car!]

but didn't bother to take the 40 cents in the ash tray

Oh, and why didn't they want to steal the tape deck?

I'm sure they were upset there was no inside trunk release, which would have revealed....Diet Coke and jumper cables.

So many nicer cars park in that garage, and while I understand the appeal of breaking into a car on the 10th floor (as there are fewer people up there) it seems silly to do that in a garage with no elevator...makes the get away a little harder.

I just really don't know what the appeal was. :-( It's a 1991 Corolla!!

On the upside, when I had my window replaced they vacuumed up all of the glass on the inside of my car(which made me very happy - now I'm REALLY glad I made no effort to clean up any of the glass myself)
AND they reattached my inside door handle on the drivers side....which was already half way off and threatening to become like the passanger side door...which had no handle at all.

*Sigh* I'm really nervous about parking in the garage again...but....I'd like to hope that lightning won't strike twice in the same place?


Last night I had a dream that included my friend from high school, Jessica, who was murdered last month. Actually today (in my mind it's still the 26th since I haven't gone to sleep yet) was exactly 1 month since her obituary ran in the paper.

In the dream we [group of friends from high school] were all over at someones house - making/eating dinner and I guess just hanging out for the night. The weird thing was - in the dream it was AFTER she was a haunting type situation I guess - but not really a ghost. It was like this unspoken thing no one really wanted to bring up.

It was nice though because I got to see her the way I remembered her (not in the horrible way they showed her on the news). Healthy, happy, laughing, and at one point in the dream I gave her a huge hug and told her how glad I was to see her.

Covered by Fox news :-/

One of the articles from the Portland newspaper

Jessica's obituary and online guest book

How I remember Jessica


Work has been crazy. Half Yearly into Anniversary into Inventory. It's only 10:30 and I feel like it's 2 in the morning. The next two days are inventory and then the madness will be over. Then my boss goes on vacation - and I'll have TWO (count 'em - TWO!!!) stock guys to help me until the end of the month. We'll get so much done.....and everything will be so clean...

I was worried because other people were pointing out that I seemed "different". Really quiet...not myself. It's because I handle most stress inwardly. I vent to some people, but overall I just become really quiet.

I can tell I'm stressed because I loose my train of thought constantly and sometimes I even become clumsier than normal [for me].

I was also really upset and annoyed with some people. Which is weird for me because I'm usually so passive. That's because I usually don't like to waste energy being upset with people - (Inspired in part by the Brian Andreas "story": I once had a garden filled with flowers that grew only on dark thoughts but they need constant attention & one day I decided I had better things to do.)

But recently I got annoyed because....That's not fair! It's not fair if I don't get annoyed and upset with people when they piss me off! Ok, I know it doesn't make much sense when I type it out, but I swear it makes sense in my head. Anyway...that's almost all taken care of anyway....whatever :-p

Maybe I just need some vacation. I just need to figure out when's the best time to take it. It seems harder to plan vacation time when you don't actually have anywhere you're going.
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Fine - are you happy? I went to the gym :-p ....and I promise I will try to keep going
Also - since I posted last, I've become semi obsessed with Law & Order SVU. Lucky for me it's on EVERY single day on TNT and USA....and seasons 1 and 5 are out on DVD (not seasons 2, 3, and 4 though....weird)
Other than that - I've been working a LOT.
I'm trying to leave on time
That's one of my February focuses (foci?)
February's a good month to leave on time anyway, because it's slow(er)
My manager's gone for the week - so I'm "in charge" - yikes! :-)
I hope it all ends well.
We're completely redoing our back room and reorganizing everything, so hopefully - by the time my manger comes back it will be all pretty :-)